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Our store opened its online doors in 2015 with the ambition to bring fashion pieces that not only make a statement but are also timeless.  The pieces we carry are carefully curated by Melissa Velia, who incorporates her very own style in the process. We also carry pieces from the Melissa Velia Brand. Each piece is made by hand by Melissa Velia in her design studio.  All of our items ship from our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.


Melissa Velia is a brand built on a lifelong dream, that was sprinkled with love and dedication.  Each piece is created in our Los Angeles, CA based studio with attention to detail and a dash of drama.  Almost all of our pieces are made to order, reducing fashion waste and keeping your style as unique as you are.  What started out as a little shop on ETSY, has now become an international brand.

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Melissa Velia

Melissa Velia was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. As a child coming from humble beginnings, Melissa loved making her Barbie dolls new clothes out of fabric scrapes her mother would give her. As a teen, Melissa discovered that she too could have a fashionable wardrobe by thrift shopping. That is when her love of vintage style came into play; from the 40's to the 80's and all the decades in between. At that time, you could get a whole outfit for under $15 thrifting. That's when Melissa's life long passion for fashion really took flight. After high school she attend FIDM college and from there worked her way through top fashion brands.

After a long career in the fashion industry and becoming a wife and a mother, Melissa decided it was time to launch her own brand. And so she did.

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